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Re: BS4-1-1-0 Vibs dialog enunciating wrong canidate names

Jeff, what db are you using to test vibs?  Can you send the folder and files (Alco or LA preferable) via email to me and I'll load on a PCMCIA card?
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Sent: Tuesday, September 18, 2001 7:35 AM
Subject: RE: BS4-1-1-0 Vibs dialog enunciating wrong canidate names

        Yes, you got it right. 
         It would seem the message "to cancel your vote for" is keyed to the fact that the voter has just voted a candidate or issue, however it is not the primary
         response to a keyboard/keypad interrupt, it is a secondary informative message, and so by current design, is aborted by a new keyboard/keypad event.  
        Suggestion, issue a confirmation that a  keyboard interrupt has occurred, ""beep"System playback interrupted" or ""beep"Message playback interrupted"
        or ""beeep" "6" key pressed"
        Followed by "NEW ACTION" in this case "The next candidate is "NAME"".
        This additional verbiage would only be necessary for interrupted system playback of secondary informative messages.  
The "advance to next candidate key" is 6, not 5.
Nel and I have played around with it for a bit, and have come to the conclusion that you are pressing 5 to vote for (or cancel your vote for) for a candidate.  At this point it says "to cancel your vote for" and should say Ken Clark.  But before it says Ken Clark, you press 6, and advance to the next candidate.  At that point it says "Jeff Hallmark", because you are now on the next candidate.  If you time it just right, the sentence gets strung together as "you have canceled your vote for...Jeff Hallmark", which is obviously not the case.  Please confirm that this is the correct interpretation of your message.
This is currently by design.  The user selected next, we cut off whatever was playing and immediately speak the next candidate or race audio.  Now, having played the sequence I can see that it could be confusing.  I am not sure:  the user did press the 6 key after all.  I'm open to suggestions on how to improve this though.  We might for example play the number key they just pressed "6" before playing the candidate name.  That would break up the (misinterpreted) sentence at least.  Or maybe just a beep would help.  Thoughts?

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Subject: BS4-1-1-0 Vibs dialog enunciating wrong canidate names

    Vibs dialog enunciating wrong canidate names if voter presses the "advance to next canidate key" #5.
    Voter votes for candidate, for instance Ken Clark.
    Then if the voter pauses, the system instructs the voter "to cancel your vote for" and then should append "Ken Clark" ,
    which it does, as long as the voter doesn't press another key.
    At any time the during the system instruction "to cancel your vote for" if the voter presses the #5 key, the pointer to canidate "Ken Clark" is lost.
    If you time it right the instruction "to cancel your vote for" will actually speak the next canidates name.
    For example "to cancel your vote for" #5 pressed, then the system appends next canidates name not the one that they actually voted.