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BS4-1-1-0 Vibs dialog enunciating wrong canidate names

    Vibs dialog enunciating wrong canidate names if voter presses the "advance to next canidate key" #5.
    Voter votes for candidate, for instance Ken Clark.
    Then if the voter pauses, the system instructs the voter "to cancel your vote for" and then should append "Ken Clark" ,
    which it does, as long as the voter doesn't press another key.
    At any time the during the system instruction "to cancel your vote for" if the voter presses the #5 key, the pointer to canidate "Ken Clark" is lost.
    If you time it right the instruction "to cancel your vote for" will actually speak the next canidates name.
    For example "to cancel your vote for" #5 pressed, then the system appends next canidates name not the one that they actually voted.