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RE: GEMS 1-17-15 no language download

With your attached database, I don't get this error.  I instead get "The converter could not process the rich text in the input file" as you reported under the heading "RE: GEMS 1-17-15 rich text missing on download" on Sun 9/9/2001.  Presumably this is because of the missing Spanish text.  Please try again with 1.17.17 when it is released and see if it fares better.  Report success/failure either way.

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Subject: GEMS 1-17-15 no language download

The attached election is defined with two languages, Default and Spanish.  Spanish only is defined for the AccuVote-TS.  Spanish is deleted from the Language window.  Queueing the vote center for downloading in the AccuVote-TS Server 2 console results in the error message:



This error message should be captured from within GEMS.