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Re: Minus sign that appears when tree view is expanded

You don't have to close and reopen database, you can update the screen by pressing Refresh button. I'll reply to bugtrack when I find a better way how to update screen.
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Sent: Tuesday, September 11, 2001 9:00 PM
Subject: Minus sign that appears when tree view is expanded

GEMS -1-18-4
When Ballot Style or Ballot or Card Style or Card is expanded by clicking the + sign in the tree view, showing the entries, and then Reset Artwork is activated without first closing the tree view, a minus sign appears beside the offending heading and the heading cannot be opened. 
The workaround is to close the database and reopen. 
I discovered this some time ago but was unable to find out how.  Working with Tari on a particularly tricky database, I was able to describe to her the symptom and she discovered the sequence.  Thanks Tari ( in double pronouns), sometimes us dyslexics need to communicate to find what the hell each other is talking about, but God knows we have the root of the idea.

Tari Runyan and Greg Forsythe
Global Election Systems, Inc