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RE: R6 WinCE Battery Power Status

Wrong.  Try again.
The PIC code I've been testing has the correct percentage being sent to the CPU.  I've seen the power properties correctly display the "percentage of power left in batteries" from 100% to 0% (by 10% decrements) and all the while the status box in the power properties reports "Low".  This is a function of Windows CE.
You probably don't need to worry about this anyway.  I believe that Jeff Dean wants BSquare to be the sole source of changes to Windows CE.  He can confirm that for you. 
BSquare is aware of the issue.
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This is a function of the current PIC code in the AVTS-R6 units.  This will be update for the new units.
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Subject: R6 WinCE Battery Power Status

When discharging the main R6 power supply battery, the "percentage of power left in batteries" reports 100% yet the status is listed as "Low."  With a fully charged battery, the status should be listed as "Good."  Also, thresholds should be established for transition points from "Good" to "Low" to "Very Low".
This information can be viewed under START/Control Panel/Power Properties.