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Ballot Station download failure

A single vote center (from the Florida certification general database fully loaded with audio) is successfully downloaded from GEMS 1-17-15 to an AccuVote-TS R6 running BallotStation  Following download completion, the port is left active on the AccuVote-TS Server 2 console in GEMS, and the election is deleted from the election media in the AccuVote-TS R6 unit.


The vote center re-selected for downloading in GEMS, and the download re-activated on the AccuVote-TS R6 as follows:


The OK button is touched in the prompt 'Please remove the election media then press OK to continue or press Shutdown to shutdown.'  The OK button is touched in the Download Election prompt.  Before any progress is indicated in the resultant progress bar, the message 'Not enough storage is avaible to process this command' is displayed, and 'The specified network name is no longer available' is displayed on the GEMS PC.  Touching OK on the AccuVote-TS R6 gives rise to the message 'Transfer Failed'.


Click on OK in the error message in GEMS and touch the OK button in the 'Transfer Failed' button on the touch screen.  Again, touch OK in the Download Election box on the touch screen.  The download progress bar is displayed on the touch screen, although no progress is indicated.  Subsequently, the message 'CounterBatch Not Found' is displayed on the touch screen.  Touching OK again gives rise to 'Transfer Failed'.