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RE: AVTS 4.0.7 - Heading Font size changes on different ballots

From: owner-bugtrack@dieboldes.com [mailto:owner-bugtrack@dieboldes.com]On Behalf Of Jeff Hintz
Sent: Tuesday, August 28, 2001 6:43 AM
This creates an additional line of test and the final race in the column has the Header Font size decreased in order to fit.  The point of contention was that this should not automatically be made smaller, but should have forced this race to appear in the next column. 
This is by design -- we even do it with paper ballots.  The idea is that its better to squish a race a little than to waste all the ballot real estate in the rest of the column.  Back in the VTS days it used to be SOP to print out a ballot and then play with the font settings to fit races into columns.
If its a "point of contention", I we could make the amount we are willing to cram configurable.  That would probably be a good idea just in principle -- I have never been comfortable with the hard-coded cram factor even with paper.  Some folks will tolerate more cramming than others(1).
That said, what is the basis for the contention?  I have seen statutes that say that candidate fonts need to be the same size within a race so that candidates are given a fair shake, but never that races have to be the same font.  If this is a statute in Florida, please quote the section so we have it on record.
(1)  Florida will want it set low, Five-Point-Frank will want it set high