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RE: R6 WinCE Battery Power Status

This information can be viewed under START/Control Panel/Power Properties.
As the R3.1 Motherboard didn't support battery status reporting, it'll be impossible to see any relevant information on one of the eleven (11) prototype units.  You can still view the Power Properties under Control Panel but the battery status displayed is probably based on defaults.
Only the Rev 4.1 and higher revision motherboards with the latest PIC code version (battery status enabled) can report the percentages through WinCE.  I'm still in the process of testing the PIC code, but I've verified that the battery status information passed to the Hitachi CPU is accurate and reflects the 100% reported by WinCE.  The issue is probably some code within WinCE that decides what percentage is Good/Low/Very Low.  Therefore, I've passed along this bug report.
This section of the code was probably never tested as there has never been any hardware available that gave WinCE any relevant battery status information.
Global Vancouver has the WinCE source code and therefore should be able to investigate the areas of code involved with this status display.
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Curious, the reported power level you are speaking of. Is it the reported power in our software or directly from the CE OS.
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Subject: R6 WinCE Battery Power Status

When discharging the main R6 power supply battery, the "percentage of power left in batteries" reports 100% yet the status is listed as "Low."  With a fully charged battery, the status should be listed as "Good."  Also, thresholds should be established for transition points from "Good" to "Low" to "Very Low".
This information can be viewed under START/Control Panel/Power Properties.