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RE: download from 1-17-15 to BS4.07 on R4 error

Dmitry did some testing on this, and our best guess is that you are using a 1.44MB floppy and are running out of space.  The audio files are over 2MB.  Is this correct?  If so, try again with an imation disk.
A few notes...  The error message "SEH exception c0000005" is obviously unacceptable for an out of disk space condition.  We'll fix that in 4.1.1.  The reason stock audio is so large is the lack of mp3 compression.  This is in the works as we speak.  Finally, a request was made a long time ago to differentiate VIBS and non-VIBS download.  A worthy suggestion.  The question remains how.  If people have suggestions on this front, please post your ideas to the support list.
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that did it - went back to TSText 1-17-15 and downloaded fine.
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msg on server is "IO error" "specified network name is no longer available.
msg on r4 is "SEH exception c0000005"
this happens midway through downloading TS Text 
I did install TS text 1-18-3  should I uninstall and try it?