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RE: candidate withdrawal overvote

I want to remind everyone that development is not the keeper of the support knowledgebase.  How support manages the information disseminated by development is up to support.  If you post something to bugtrack or support that has been answered in the past, we might take the trouble to look it up for you, but it's equally likely we will spend the time implementing new features and fixing current bugs instead.
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Subject: candidate withdrawal overvote

Reported by Quebec:


A candidate is withdrawn and memory cards are re-programmed in an election prorgrammed with GEMS 1-17-11.  The withdrawn candidate is printed on the paper tape as 'Withdrawn', and is assigned no votes if the withdrawn candidate is selected on the ballot.  However, if the withdrawn candidate is selected on the ballot in addition to other candidates in a vote for 1 race, the race is reported on the AccuVote tape as overvoted.


The ROM version is 1.94w.