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Re: challenge ballots internal error G1-17-15 BS4.07

We can print the challenged ballot in Gems -  which would allow a challenge board to determine if it is accepted -  then if it is we could manually enter it or dup it on a paper ballot and read it on an accuvote
this bug appeared when I hit the reviewed button in the Challenge menu item - I can stay away from that men and just go to the ballot audit -  but there is no flag (that I am aware of) that id's a ballot as being challenged in the audit viewer -
just a thought we can handle it however you see fit - maybe a fix an a new 1-17-15 release - or just leave it alone and go with the paper idea
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From: Larry Dix
Sent: Thursday, August 09, 2001 8:22 PM
Subject: RE: challenge ballots internal error G1-17-15 BS4.07

This will get a little tricky.  Virginia will accept GEMS 1-17-15 since that is the certified release at Metamor  and what was demonstrated to them at the Georgia certification examination with Dr Williams.  If we increment the number with a fix we will not be in compliance with Dr Williams who does the certification not only for Georgia but also Virginia.  Georgia accepted the fact that challenged ballots are handled with paper.  This may be the manner in which we have to present it in Virginia.  I am not saying we must fix the bug, but we must be careful in what we expose to Virginia.  Robert Pickett may be able to shed some light on how they expect to have this handled in Virginia.



Larry J. Dix


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Subject: challenge ballots internal error G1-17-15 BS4.07


Trying to review challenged ballot - checking the reviewed box produces internal error below -

need fix for Va certification 8/15/01