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RE: RE: AVTS 4.0.7 - Record/Playback Feature


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Sent: Thursday, August 02, 2001 3:46 PM
Subject: FW: RE: AVTS 4.0.7 - Record/Playback Feature

Your script KEN1.MRE ran for 240 repeats with 4.0.7 before I shut it down.
Totals are good.
Now for the problem:
AVTS CE 4.0.7 Ballot Station
Recording with 4.0.7 apparently ok.
Playback consistently hangs at the write-in recording window, no recorded characters are displayed, cursor is in input window.
When powered off and then back on the .mre file is lost, erased.
You must save the mre file in the \FFX directory or it will be lost on power off.
Thanks Tab.
I am still having write in problems, same symptom but not totally consistent.
Last night after trying several times it did work on a short test, but not on a full 8 precinct
script as yours does Ken.
Attached is an exel spread sheet for the script that will be used in Wyle on Monday.
Jeff Hallmark

Wyle volume test.xls