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Re: Lose check marks in Print Artwork

Print Artwork
Check Print to Directory and check Separate Files.  Click on the box with the three dots (I thought this was the browser) and relocate the ballot files to a different location. 
I have a folder on desktop that I redirect the ballot files to.
The check for Separate Files disappears.
The same thing happens when Separate Ovals are checked.  Redirect the ballot files after these are checked and the thick ovals check mark disappears.
What do you call the box with the three dots?  I thought it was the browser and used to redirect the ballot files to an alternate location.
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GEMS-1-17-15  working
GEMS-1-18-2     broken
the check mark for separate files disappears after browser redirects.   
What is a "browser redirect"?
If Separate Files and Separate Ovals are checked, the thick oval check mark disappears. 
I can't reproduce this.  If I check Seperate Ovals, then the Thick Ovals box is enabled and checked.  It does not disappear.  Seperate Files meanwhile has no effect on Thick Ovals at all.
Can anyone else reproduce (or otherwise interpret) this?