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Re: 1.96.2 programming phone # - won't download with spaces

Tari Runyan wrote:
If you put spaces in the phone # on the URL  line in the Vote center editor - ieT 3034285022 the only thing that appears on the memory card is T

  The modem will ignore spaces in AT commands so this is a valid dial string but the AV's user interface uses a space to indicate the end of the phone number so what we'll have to do is cut out the spaces when the phone number is downloaded.  Tari's phone number will be converted to T3034285022 .

  Keep in mind that the AV supports using hyphens as spacer characters so T-303-428-5022 would work fine.

  Supporting embedded spaces in phone numbers would require a more complicated and unnatural method of indicating the end of the phone number using the AV's 2 button interface so I don't think we want to consider that.