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Fw: Card Manager 0.2.7 Remove Invalid Card msg

Using R6 unit
Create Card Function in Pre Election Mode
CM vers 0.2.7
Receive "Remove Invalid Card" when using CM 0.2.7 in both Pre Election Testing Mode and Election Mode.
-Inserted Manager Card to reset to 0
-received upgrade Mgr card ?pressed enter
-Admin Mode Reload keys? pressed enter
-Ready to Reload Keys
-On Ballot Station 4.0.4 pressed the Create Card function selected for card manager function. Programmed Ala Meda Precint # 0100002
-On Card Manager inserted card programmed from Ballot Station
-prompted by  CM Prec 010002 Load?  Pressed enter took card out then
-turned CM off then on again and programmed 3 voter cards
-inserted voter cards into Ballot Station reader in both Pre Election Testing Mode and Election Mode and received invalid card message on official ballot screen.
----- Original Message -----
From: Ken Clark
Sent: Tuesday, June 19, 2001 11:09 AM
Subject: Card Manager 0.2.7

CM0-2-7.zip.  Password knjop09hinhda.  In this release:
CM 0.2.7
  • Add support for Ballot Station 4.0.5 (V1 format).
  • Force user to insert manager card if there are no keys loaded.
  • Upgrade manager cards to V1 format.
CM 0.2.6
  • Battery test admin function.