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Spyrus wouldn't load card created from R6, Ballot Station, Card Manager 0.2.5

Discovered during Travis County demo:

When a master voter card was created from the R6 (running Ballot Station, we attempted to load it onto the Spyrus  (running Card Manager
0.2.5) so that we could demonstrate the Spyrus for use in election day vote

When the empty Spyrus is turned on, it reads:
	free 1
1:			0

When the voter card created on the R6 is inserted, it reads:
Manager Card
Reload Keys?

The only button that will generate a response thereafter is the Enter key.
When you press the Enter key, the Spyrus reads:
Manager Card

Ready To
Load Keys

Unit will not respond thereafter.  When the card is pulled, the display
returns to
	free 1
1:			0