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RE: Burning PCMCIA cards with Laptop + Win 2000

Does the PCMCIA card created on the NT load on 4.x ballot station running on NT?  If so, zip the contents, and send it to me.
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Subject: Burning PCMCIA cards with Laptop + Win 2000

If I burn a PCMCIA card with WinNT 4.0, I can remove the card, and place it in an R6 unit and the DB will load.  Problem with this setup is, I can only burn 1 card, since the OS crashes after that.  NT does not do well with hot swapping anything.  When I attempt the same procedure with a windows 2000 machine, I can theoretically hot swap the PCMCIA card, if I make sure I wait the required 10-20 seconds for the machine to realize that I pulled the card, and it issue's me a dialog box that informs me of this.  I then have to click the OK button to acknowledge to the system that I know I have removed the card, then I can insert a new blank card to continue burning my PCMCIA cards.  That is all fine and dandy, but another problem arises, after burning the PCMCIA card, I them proceed casually over to the R6 unit, and insert the card, I then get the Download Election Dialog box, not the loading election.  I have looked at the contents of the PCMCIA card, and have not seen any differences.  The election will not load, and yes, I have tried this a few times with the same results.
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