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Re: VoterComment

I sent out an email asking if other counties in CA had experienced the "watermark" problem.  Responses as follows:
SLO (San Louis Obispo) county is very familiar with it.   Sometimes the watermark was very
dark, sometimes light and almost always in some foregin language.   Julie
  I asked Julie to let me know what type of printer she uses.
Steve, I do remember that we did have a problem with a "water mark"  showing up.  What we did was reinstall the printer.  You might want to contact Don Bisamaier who was here at the time and helped us with the problem.  Paula Van Loan,Assistant County Clerk,Siskiyou County
No problems with weird "watermarks" on the background of our (Santa Barbara)summary report this last election.
Billie Alverez in Santa Barbara.
No problems in Marin.

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Sent: Tuesday, April 24, 2001 2:04 PM
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Yes. Multiple databases exhibit the problem.  Nov. March and April all did this.  No special sequence I can tell.  I simply printed a typical summary, with no blanks, ovrs, unders, no cards cast or times counted.  Once it shows up, you have to reboot to clear it. It will continue to show up on reports.  I faxed samples up to TAB in September time frame last year.  I'm sure they were thrown out, but shouldn't be that hard for me to get you more.
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And I can send the Alameda database.   
Obviously the Alameda database does not trigger the problem, or Jeff wouldn't be seeing it to.  Do other databases exhibit the problem for Alameda County?  Do they have a sequence of steps that reproduces the problem?  If its "random" what is the rate of occurance?  If they print twenty reports in a row will they see the problem three times, or can they print all day without seeing it?