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FW: VoterComment

Tom Schuhler from GBS sent me this e-mail below.  They were using GEMS
1.17.7 and a HP 4000 printer.  I asked him if he knew what the printer
properties were set at, but could not tell me.  Unfortunately, I do not have
a HP 4000 printer to try and duplicate this problem.  I told him, that it
possibly was something set within the printer properties and not coming from
GEMS.  Has anyone else seen this problem, or something similar???


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From: Tom Schuhler [mailto:schuhler@ivcc.edu]
Sent: Thursday, April 19, 2001 11:38 AM
To: jhglobal@earthlink.net
Cc: jvold@gbsvote.net
Subject: VoterComment


On Election Night, 4/3/01, at DuPage County, Illinios, the text
"VoterComment" printed in the center of each page of the first GEMS Election
Summary Report that was printed.  The content of this report appeared to be
correct other than the fact that "VoterComment" was printed in the center of
the each page overlaying whatever happened to be in the center of that page.
This report was printed before any memory cards were uploaded.

When the final GEMS Election Summary Report was printed after all memory
cards were uploaded, the landscape option for the report was selected.  The
text "VoterComment" did NOT appear on the final report.  It is also
important to note that we did not notice this text on any GEMS Election
Summary Reports we printed during DuPage pre-election testing prior to

"VoterComment" is a field in the ChallengeVoter Table of the GEMS database.
I'm not sure what this field or table is used for.

Do you have any idea why we saw "VoterComment"?  (Cathi Smothers of Global
was at DuPage on Election Night.  I believe she saw the problem report but
did not know the cause.  However, she might be able to provide additional


Tom Schuhler