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El Paso, TX mishap

In El Paso, TX we are using GEMS 1-17-6-2 and AVTS-BS 3-13-5-4 and AVTS-PB 3-13-5.
Early Voting has started.  During Early Voting the following mishap occurred while a voter was voting:
The voter was using a VIBS unit, but voting as a regular voter.  The voter inserted the voter card and saw two ballots on the screen.
One ballot was a small to medium size window with bigger writing. 
At the bottom, voter saw 4 of 19 pages.  The Ballot for the Election only has four pages, five in one precinct.
This has only happened once.  I was able to clear the problem by getting back to the desktop, doing a proper shutdown.  Then bring the unit back up.
Problem was cleared, no votes were lost, and no further occurrences thus far.  I was not able to reproduce this mishap in the office.
I will let you know of any further developments.
Rodney D. Turner