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Re: Axhiom 152 card readers not working in Ballot Station

I think I have tracked down the problem.  The older ROM version (pre Beta 2.22 - my unit is 2.03) responded to the 'switch status' command with a 'not supported' response.  The new units now respond with the status of the card in switch.  This command was used to detect the difference between the 171 and 152 model card readers.  Therefore the software thinks it has a model 171 card reader but when it tries to lock the card in the reader it fails therefore the software does not think a card is inserted in the reader.  The pollbook does not bother to check the return value from the LockCard function (with is incorrect) and so works with the card reader.
I will try to get this fixed today.
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Sent: Wednesday, September 27, 2000 4:02 AM
Subject: Axhiom 152 card readers not working in Ballot Station

The Axhiom 152 card reader installed on the avts protype R5, demo units for Ireland etc., will "not" recognize that a card has been inserted in Ballot Station 3-13-1-4,
or 3-13-4.
Ballot Station does not attempt to read the card.
* The card reader works with the Poll Book application.
Have tested with Rev A, Rev B, and Rev C.
Have also tested with vendors cables.