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AVTS Opening Procedures

At the risk of causing more problems or seeming stupid, I've spoken to Jeff, who indicates he believes he reported something similar about two weeks ago.  Voting in test mode seemed to go OK.  It's when we try to get started once we've SET FOR ELECTION that is problem.  Our assumption was that we would SET FOR ELECTION at the warehouse, turn units off, deliver to sites, and turn it back on, print zero report and go.  We can't do that.
Here goes:
Burn Database diskette
Load onto Ballot Station
Overwrite Secondary media - YES
Set for Election
Print zero report - Press Done - goes to Flag Screen
Assume No voters vote first day on one or more ballot stations
Insert Manager Card to exit ballot station
Brings up screen that gives "END ELECTION" or "SHELL" (It seems to do this every time we insert Mgr Card)
When we select SHELL, and turn unit off, then back on for next days voting
We get the OVERWRITE MEDIA message again, and in that process we get:
"The following error has been detected
Exception in Ballot Station
Error Validating Main File - Election.adt
And we are hosed. And seem to have to burn a new diskette.  We are in a loop with this.  This loop occurs whether we select SHELL or END Election.