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RE: Topeka County, KS - Changing from 18" ballot to 11" ballot - internal error

This is fixed;  1.17.4.  Jeff I will send you a pre-release to test.
Jeff, I am guessing you want to just change the length of card 24 for both ballot 24 and ballot 25.  Simple enough, but GEMS doesn't know whether that change should apply to ballot 25 (which shares card 24) or not.  With the fix I just put in, GEMS will assume it does *not* apply to ballot 25.  So, after you change the length of card 24, a new card 47 will appear.  This card is the same as card 24, only with a different length.  Next go into ballot 25 and change the length of card 24 "again".  GEMS will find card 47, and card 24 will disappear.
As you can see, the logic here is incredibly complicated.  I would like to review multi-card ballots some time next year if we start getting more accounts that mix and match multicard ballot lengths.  Seems to me we should be able to make GEMS smart enough to know the length change applies to ballot 25 as well, but for today I want to just get the bug (ie, the internal error) fixed.
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I will find out when they need to get ballot postscript files to the printer.  If it is right away, I will do as you said.  If not, I will wait to hear from you.
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Okay, I see the problem.  It is tricky.  Jeff, if you are under the gun, create a bugus "foo" voter group, and put a blank "foo" header on the back of Card 24.  You need to use the ballot editor not the card editor, else you won't see the foo header in the list. 
I'll try to have a real fix this weekend.  Multi card ballot manual editing with common plates is not fun.