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Re: Modems not Responding 1-17-3

    As far as I can find there is no message "Connecting to Modem" or anything like that. 
    The messages are :
    "Checking Port"        This occurs when you first start the port
    Then if a modem is found
           "Waiting For Call"
            "Modem On-line"
             "AccuVote On-line"
    and then
            "Connected"        when we get through to the AccuVote.
I have found on my USRobotics modem, the modem will sometime go off hook (I here the dial tone) when the "Waiting For Call" message is displayed.  This should not happen and I do not know why it happens sometimes and not others.  Anyway, if the modem does go off-hook before there is a call coming in then the line will be busy and no calls can get through.  Is this what is happening ?
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From: Mike Brown
Sent: Monday, September 11, 2000 8:48 AM
Subject: Modems not Responding 1-17-3

Location: Ottawa
Ottawa has been have some problems with their Modem bank not responding to GEMS.
Up until now they have been using VTS.  They have now upgraded to GEMS 1-17-2.  The Modem bank is  2xUSRobotics Total Control MP/16 v.34 modems (configured as Courier v.34) for a total of 32 modems.
When the ports are activated the Modem status stays at Connecting to Modem.  It has been left on for approximately 10 minutes and still say connecting to Modem.
I have attached  the Manual for the USR Modem Bank.
Here is some background and testing that Dennis has done.

Hey Mike

They were running VTS, using the Digi Board in the server connected to

1xDigi Ports/16em (serial box) and 12 external modems connected to the Digi

Ports... They were not using our current USRobotics Total Control MP/16 v.34

stack modems...

I did some more testing this morning... Here's a description of the test:

- We currently have a Digi card in the Server, connected to 2xDigi

Ports/16em (serial box = 32 ports), connected to 2xUSRobotics Total Control

MP/16 v.34 stack modems (16 modems on each box = 32 modems)

- Test #1:

I used a separate external 56k USRobitcs modem, connected to 1 port on the

Digi Ports/16em serial box, GEMS recognized it and worked

- Test #2:

I connected 1 of the modems from the USRobotics Total Control MP/16 v.34

stack modems box, connected it directly to Com1 on the server, GEMS did not

recognize it...

Problem is with GEMS and the USRobotics Total Control MP/16 v.34 stack

modems, not the DIGI card or the serial box...

I'm going to verify my dip switches and modem configurations on these

USRobotics Total Control MP/16 v.34 stack modems..

Any other suggestions would be appreciated...

Thanx Mike