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RE: Gems 1-17-3 race and header background color

Setup -> Ballot Options -> Color.  Check both color ink on paper text and background.
The behaviour is consistent between races and headers on my machine.  Jeff, if you are indeed seeing different behaviour between the two, please follow up.
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Subject: Gems 1-17-3 race and header background color

Gems 1-17-3
There are two different behaviors for background color options exhibited by the Race Editor vs. the Header Editor. Neither appears correct.
Reverse black and white color scheme.
i.e.: Black background with white text.
Race Editor:
Accepts changes within the editor.
Using "options","draw options","race"    -change color to black, non transparent; gives desired effect.
Change text color to white; gives desired effect.
Ballots and Cards do not reflect the changes
Header Editor:
Will not produce desired effect.
The header background color can be forced globally using "setup","ballot options", "color", "headers"
Jeff Hallmark