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RE: GEMS 1.11.2 - erroneous sequence numbers

Dmitry, can you please look at this.  Tari has mentioned this one before too.  It sounds like we have situations where the sequence number field of VCenterReportunit is not being initialized.  It should be set to the Reportunit KeyId when a new record is created.
Having said that, there isn't really a problem here.  If you are not using sequence numbers, then the field is completely ignored by the system.  We should probably hide the field in the list views in fact.  If you are using sequence numbers, then you just need to regenerate them after you generate ballots (as usual).
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Subject: GEMS 1.11.2 - erroneous sequence numbers

Precincts and districts but no races are defined in the attached database, originally imported from VTS.  Both the Vote Centers with Reporting Precincts by ID and by Label reports indicate that many, but not all two-precinct vote centers are displayed with '1246576929' as sequence number for the second precinct.  The sequence number column is otherwise blank.
Precinct (and not sequence) numbers are printed on ballots, and ballot artwork has not yet been generated. 
Nel FInberg