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RE: GEMS 1.11.2 Ballot Editor header error

This is a feature not a bug.  Similarly:
  • If you manually add a header to the first card of a two-card ballot, where the first card is shared by another two card ballot, the header will also appear on the first card of the other ballot.
  • If you manually add a header to any rotation of a card style, it will appear on every card of the card style.
In short, ballot styles, card styles, and (internal) plate styles (aka sides) are consistently determined by their unique set of races, not their headers.
A couple of things to note:
  • The @precinct macro will only work on the side that the precinct id is printed on (usually the front) when using plates.
  • As an exception to the "unique set of races" rule, you can force headers to create different plates if they are affiliated with a party.  You use the "use voter groups" header option for that.  This handles the case where all races on the front are nonpartisan, but people want a party specific header in a closed primary.
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An election is created with four ballot styles, two sharing one common front and the other two sharing another common front.  Manually adding a header to the front of one of the ballot styles causes the header to appear in the same position on the front of the other ballot style with the same front.