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FW: UPDATE! re: CNN Voting Technology LIVE segment

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For those interested, CNN is doing a live segment this Thursday at 4pm Eastern time showing systems from Diebold Elections,
Hart, ES&S and Sequoia.  Details of the segment are in the e-mail below.  This should be great exposure for us.  Tune in!

Steve Moreland
Director of Customer Service
Diebold Election Systems, Inc.

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From: Walker, Alex
To: 'richarj2@diebold.com'; 'media@essvote.com'; 'webmarketingpr@essvote.com'; 'kferguson@sequoiavote.com'; 'mshafer@hartic.com'

Cc: Walker, Alex
Sent: 10/25/2002 3:38 PM
Subject: CNN Voting Technology LIVE segment

Thanks to all of you for getting back to me today.  I think this will be
an exciting and interesting segment for our viewers next week.  Now we
just have to firm up a date!  Does next Thursday work for everyone?

This segment will be a LIVE demo of machines from your respective
companies in-studio here in Atlanta.  The idea is to have CNN Technology
Correspondent Daniel Sieberg walk our viewers through each of the
machines and demonstrate features and usability.  NOTE:  THIS IS NOT A
COMPARISON PIECE.  We aren't going to rate or rank the machines.
Because we have a wide audience, we want to show viewers across the
nation what to expect in various precincts.  "If you're in Houston,
you'll see this technology next Tuesday, etc etc."  "If you go to vote
in Miami-Dade, here's what you'll find, etc etc"

Judy Woodruff and the producers of "Inside Politics" have already
expressed much interest in this.  CNN Headline News likes it, and the
weekly CNN science and technology show "Next@CNN" has already planned to
package it.  What does that mean?  Well, in addition to the LIVE studio
hits, a piece will run twice on CNN the weekend before the election, and
then have 21 other airings on CNN International, CNN Airport Network,
and aboard Amtrak's Acela service.  The bottomline is that your products
will get a lot of face time as we go full-speed into our election

I understand all of you must be gearing up for Election Day, and your
staffing must be spread pretty thin next week.  That being said, perhaps
all of you could just send us a demo machine and walk through the setup
over the phone?  You might be worried that we'd screw up the setup and
make your company look bad to a national audience.  DON'T WORRY!  You
have my word as a Generation Xer and CNN technology producer that I will
setup everything properly and do a test run with you on the phone.  I DO
want to send a company representative, that's fine too.  I just don't
want that to derail the segment. 

So how's next Thursday?

Alex Walker
CNN Science & Technology