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For your information, the following press releases were issued recently in the Middle East  They are part of Diebold's press kit for the GITEX Information Technology Exhibition taking place October 13-17, in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.


Wireless E-commerce Makes Debut at Dubai's GITEX 2002 Show

DUBAI: Diebold, Incorporated will showcase a concept solution using emerging technology that integrates the functionality of automated teller machines (ATMs) and wireless delivery channels at GITEX 2002, to be held in Dubai from October 13-18, 2002.

On display in Stand K5-1, Hall 5, Diebold's two-way wireless data communication technology uses a PalmOS device with an infrared (IR) connection to an ATM powered by Windows(r) TCS Plus software. After the IR link is secured between an ATM and a mobile device, such as a mobile telephone or personal digital assistant (PDA), the mobile device takes over the transaction.

Pre-loaded transactions or transactions keyed into the PDA while at the ATM are quickly executed as information bursts back and forth with the ATM.  Data that can be transmitted includes: advertising, direct marketing information or graphical data such as an account statement.

Explaining the concept, Hassan Hares, Business Development Manager, Diebold Middle East, said: "In the future, consumers may be able to utilize the ATM in the same manner in which they synchronize their mobile device with information from their personal computer. Financial institutions can utilize e-mail messaging to notify their customers of scheduled transactions and other time-sensitive, useful information."

Additionally, a wireless application also satisfies the bank's need for high service levels that delight their customers and achieve customer retention.  The consumer benefits by saving time with pre-loading transactions, keeping their finances current, and receiving useful information like stock quotes, map directions, and promotional information tailored to their needs.  Diebold delivers this wireless integration with the ATM through existing hardware and software that is available in the marketplace today.

In 2002, some 70 million consumers worldwide will have wireless mobile devices that send and receive data via the Internet. "Our wireless application demonstrates how Diebold can implement channel integration and provide banks with a customer retention strategy for consumers adopting online e-commerce solutions," explained Hares. "It provides consumers with more options to conduct business and communicate with financial service providers even when they are on the move and do not have access to a home office or personal computer."

Diebold's wireless concept gives financial institutions a high-value customer relationship management (CRM) investment strategy by providing consumers with another touch-point for interactions, transactions and useful information.  The wireless model works via a two-way transfer of data while the consumer is in front of the ATM terminal, which is a secure network by which consumers can send and receive information without using valuable airtime on their wireless equipment.

Customers can then dispense a paper receipt directly from the ATM, store an electronic receipt on their hand-held device, or access and review the stored data on the mobile device at their leisure at a separate location away from the ATM.


Diebold Introduces New Custom Applications Platform

Vendor-independent solutions using Agilis Power(tm) will offer customers increased flexibility, functionality and profitability throughout their network

DUBAI: Diebold, Incorporated, (NYSE: DBD), a world leader in integrated self-service solutions, announced that it will shortly unveil in the Middle East its trendsetting Agilis Power(tm), a new development environment that enables Diebold Professional Services to create vendor-independent custom applications for automated teller machines (ATMs).

Using Agilis Power, Diebold's worldwide software and self-service experts can help financial institutions implement customized applications that run across a multi-vendor ATM network. This gives consumers a consistent user experience every time they access their financial institution, while reducing the operating costs associated with running a multi-vendor network. 

Diebold's Professional Services experts help financial institutions easily migrate to the newest technologies with enhanced flexibility and speed. Employing innovative Microsoft Windows(r) and .NET(tm) Framework technology, Agilis Power, the base software architecture, allows Diebold to use common software components across multiple systems and devices for greater consistency of design and ease of implementation. 

A top Diebold M.E. official said that this year's GITEX 2002, to be held at the Dubai World Trade Center from October 13-18, 2002, would provide the launch-pad to showcase the concept to the region's customers. "Custom applications built using Agilis Power allow our customers to take advantage of Diebold's extensive professional services expertise and smoothly integrate new vendor-independent applications into their entire ATM networks," explained Hassan Hares, Business Development Manager for Diebold Middle East.

Built on an industry-leading INvolve(r) middleware platform from Nexus, Agilis Power provides an open architecture that takes advantage of industry-standard technology. Diebold's dedicated software development resources experienced in large-scale customer applications and specialized solutions use Agilis Power to assist financial institutions in the implementation of a solution customized to their needs.

Diebold Professional Services' project managers, technical trainers and systems engineers are also deployed to support development efforts and coordinate these engagements.

"This solution will help maintain the integrity of the user experience, regardless of the channel the consumer selects.  Through expanded services and direct marketing, the financial institution can effectively increase revenue potential, as well as maximize their Customer Relationship Management strategies. Additionally, Agilis Power's custom applications provide the flexibility financial institutions need in order to add enhanced functionality and web capabilities to their ATMs," Hares added.

Media Contact:

Tiffini Bloniarz

Manager, Media Relations

+1 330 490 6319