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FW: Diebold Election Systems

Title: FW: Diebold Election Systems



Stacy Priddy

Administrative Assistant

Global Election Systems


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Sent: Tuesday, August 27, 2002 9:39 AM
To: Urosevich, Bob
Subject: FW: Diebold Election Systems


I ask that you send very positive articles like this one on to the entire DES team.  I am glad Joe sent it to most of the sales guys but I want the accountants, developers, etc. to read this as well.

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Subject:        Diebold Election Systems

Dear All--

Diebold was mentioned by Cleveland-based Victory Capital Management on Fox 8 News this morning as a great stock to buy .  Victory owns about $400,000 shares of DBD.  Below is a transcript from this morning's show.

                        BROADCAST TRANSCRIPT

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    1501 Euclid Avenue, Suite 813
    Cleveland,OH 44115
    (216) 579-4103
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    Date      August 26, 2002
    Time      06:00 AM - 08:00 AM
    Station   WJW-TV (FOX) Channel Eight
    Location  Cleveland
    Program   Fox 8 News in the Morning


              JACQUE SMITH, co-anchor:

              Welcome back.  It's time to get Street Wise this Monday

              TRACY McCOOL, co-anchor:

              Joining us to offer financial advice is Rick Butacore (sp),
              President and CEO of Victory Capital Management.  Good
              morning and thanks for being with us this Monday morning.

              Mr. RICK BUTACORE (President & CEO, Victory Capital
              Management):  Good morning, thanks for having me.

              SMITH:  Glad to see you this morning.  We have a viewer
              e-mail.  Melissa says--she wants to know what you think
              about Diebold stock.  She says they have a new voting
              system, and their stock seems to be very steady.

              Mr. BUTACORE:  Their stock has been great.  In this market
              environment, any stock that has a dividend--that has a
              dividend like Diebold does is very, very good.  Their
              earnings for the second quarter came in strong.  Their
              business is at the core ATM business, which is what banks
              are using.  During the 90's, when the banks were
              consolidating, that business slowed down, but this voting
              system is really an opportunity for them to grow, as well
              as some of those ATMs are aging.  So as they start
              replacing them, their business will also grow.  The other
              thing that's good about their business is 55 percent of
              their earnings are pretty recurring because they're on
              service agreements.  So it's a good company.  We would hold
              it, we own it ourselves (sic).

              McCOOL:  Okay.

                        # # #


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Joseph Richardson
Diebold, Incorporated