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GEMS 1.12.1 prerelease

GEMS-1-12-1.zip    uegnh.uailrqk
TSText-1-12-1.zip   gje/bo.jnm4ho
This is a prerelease of GEMS 1.12.1.  Its intended only for testing with AVTS 3.10.1.  Non-TS accounts should not be using this or any other 1.12 prelease, period.  The readme file is not yet ready;  we'll post a complete list of changes with the official release. 
It is best if you make any time-consuming changes to your databases under GEMS 1.11.x and then upgrade to 1.12 for testing.   Problems might be found with the upgrade routine, and a re-upgrade may be necessary before the official release.  Bug reports for this GEMS release are welcome on the bugtrack list, but we are mostly interested in TS testing at this point. 
TS 3.10.1 will be up shortly;  we are still trying to squash a remaining bug that was discovered this morning.