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AVTS 3.6.1 & GEMS 1.11.1

AVTS 3.6.1 is ready.
AVTS-3-6-1.zip password "xazfyn9eg.01u".
AVTSTemplate-3-6-1.zip password "ozkgapuvg4aek".
This release mostly fixes the problems Jeff was seeing with 3.5.2.  Also, the upload procedure now has one less step:  you will no longer will see a dialog to select the precincts to upload. 
You need GEMS 1.10.4 or better (1.11.1) for this release.

3.6.1 Jun-29-99

  • Requires GEMS 1.10.4.
  • Fix bug uploading candidate totals (3.5.2).
  • Eliminate precinct selection in when uploading results.
  • Keep ballot results, challenge results and voter history files even if there are no results.
  • Fixed election counter on the admin screen to check for the records under the result folder when starting election.