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Accu-Vote Release 1.94f>

  For those romantics that fell in love with 1.94f, the latest flavor incorporates all the changes made since 1.94f<.  This includes the changes in 1.94q, r, s, t*, and u.  Pass your orders on to McKinney.


* Note: The PC 1.94t release was preempted by 1.94u.

Guy Lancaster <glanca@dieboldes.com>
Global Election Systems Inc., Victoria, B.C., Canada
Phone: (250)995-8627

Title: Accu-Vote Release 1.94f>
Accu-Vote 2000 - Release 1.94f>
Revised January 27, 1999


To support multiple uploads per modem connection and to fix Accu-Vote lockup and other problems.


The 1.94f> release of the Accu-Vote firmware is based on the 1.94f< release. The precinct count upload protocol remains compatible with all 1.9x VTS versions. The precinct count download protocol and the memory cards are compatible with previous 1.94 releases.

Precinct Counter (PC) Release

  • (AE PC Rel 1.94f>) Precinct Counter American English Release 1.94f> with checksums A:97AF and B:06C1 dated 99-1-27.
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