The Betensky-Kraut Family Album


Aya & Bob, passport photos for Europe trip, 1972 (actually, this took place between our years in New Haven and Philadelphia, but we don't have pages for those in this album)

Aya, Buttermilk Falls rental house, summer 1973
Bob, fall 1978 shortly before Daniel's birth
Aya, fall 1978 shortly before Daniel's birth
Rachel Farber and Daniel, spring 1979, our blanket, Farber/Longs' floor
Daniel and Ron Mack, 1981
Bob and Daniel cleaning up after baking a cake, 1981
Daniel with a neighbor's cat on Blair Street, 1980
Raccoons in the kitchen, summer 1980
Leaving Ithaca for Summit, NJ, with U-Haul, Sept. 1980, picture taken by Ron
Daniel with Steve Lewis, outside of Uris Hall, 1981
Ron Mack as Freud, summer 1983?
Aya with Daniel and Joel, Barb Finlay's summer house, 1983
Joan Johnston's sheep, 1983

Ithaca reunion, 1988?

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