The Betensky Kraut Family Album
Washington, DC
The SS United States, which Aya and Mala took from Southampton, England to NY in stormy weather during March 1955. Aya sent this postcard to Leon, who had come to Washington ahead of them, from the ship.
3901 Alton Place in 1976. Aya lived there from 7th grade through 12th grade.
Aya, Queen of the Fall, Halloween 1956 Aya and counselor, Habonim camp, Chesapeake Bay, 1959
At Miriam and Charlie Marr's wedding, 1967: Leon, Mala, Aya, Sol, David Leon, Bob, Aya, Thia Persoff, Mala at Bob and Aya's wedding, 6/1/69. The tent was in the back yard.
Leon and Mala outside Alton Place house, 1976.
Aya and Cynthia Ullman at the wedding reception; Aya and Bob at the reception--no wonder she flunked posture at Barnard
Mala and Leon in front of their new house on 31st Street, 1977
Mala and Daniel looking at slides, 1980
Daniel and Leon, 1980
Aya, Joel, and Mala in back yard, 31st St. house, 1985
Joel and Daniel watching TV at bedtime
Mala, Joel, Daniel in the kitchen at 31st St house
Joel and Mala, condo living room, Cathedral Avenue, 1989? Family portrait with timer: back row, Bob, Aya, Mala, Leon; front, Daniel, Joel in the living room under the paintings
Mala and Leon at a bar mitzvah celebration, 1990.

Claire Marwick's farewell Shabbat dinner for Mala and Leon before they moved to Pittsburgh in July 1995.

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