PROCESS II: a zine on creative processes featuring many wonderful contributors
co-edited with Angela Zhou and Raymond Zhong

PROCESS I: a zine with Angela Zhou and Raymond Zhong

Twenty tiny cities
featured on BLDGBLOG

Notes on notation and thought
appeared on the front page of the orange website

One weird type (or, good representations as a tool for thought)
talk at Lambda Jam 2014

"Excerpts from the Journal of Retta Scott"
short story appearing in The Nassau Literary Review

Punctuation remarks
in the zine Method and Apparatus

Art process shots
appearing in inter·punct's sketchbook issue

Art portfolio

Twitter Originals™

.@mindscreensaver answers its own question! It has already become too powerful

— Katherine Ye (@hypotext) January 16, 2016

Tiny hack to turn prose into poetry by adding whitespace: (thanks @AveryKatko for the idea)

— Katherine Ye (@hypotext) December 7, 2015

This paragraph from the @NewYorker article on gravitational waves doubles as a pretty good poem.

— Katherine Ye (@hypotext) February 16, 2016

The next revolution in visual programming: a comic book programming language???

— Katherine Ye (@hypotext) December 15, 2015

A bot in honor of @jeanqasaur's class on domain-specific languages: @domain_specific

— Katherine Ye (@hypotext) September 24, 2016

domain-specific tomorrow

— domain-specific bot (@domain_specific) September 24, 2016


Infrastructure spotting
hypotext, a hypertext experiment (site currently down)
A collection of small multiples
Constructing a perfect comma
Star visualizer in Haskell and gloss
An encoding of linear logic in Coq with minimal Sokoban and blocks world examples
Code to draw knots in Conway notation using Haskell and diagrams
Notes on generating visually-interesting structures that are unstable at intermediate stages of construction
Blog (old site)


I also play go (~18k). Always down for a game.