Keenan Crane
3D Tashoku Go
teaser 3D Tashoku Go is a generalization of the game go. For an explanation of the original game, visit Sensei's Library.

In this version of the game, more than two colors can play, and the board can have any topology (i.e., not just a regular grid). However, the same simple rules from the original game still apply: no group may remain on the board unless it has liberties, and no board state may be repeated.

The game also includes an AI. However, since the AI was written to work with boards of any topology it can't use specialized knowledge about joseki, etc. In other words, don't expect too much from it on a 9x9 or 19x19 grid!

Mac (Intel)294 kB
Mac (PowerPC)189 kB
Windows496 kB
Windows397 kB
Mac184 kB
Linux118 kB
A nascent three-player version of this game was played on the 6th floor of Hendrick House in the spring of 2003 by Andrew Badr, Keenan Crane, and Paul Nepywoda using pennies as the third player's stones. (That game predates even the Sensei's Library page on multi-color go!) In the summer of 2003, however, this friendly fellowship turned fierce as Badr and Crane pitted machine against machine in a battle of digital wits. Though in the prelude Badr's pernicious python would often prevail, it was Crane's topological terror that would terminally triumph. In fall of 2003 a graphical interface was added as a project for CS 318.
The basic design for game scoring was stolen from the KGS client.