Here are a few of the many attempts I've made at recording something. If you like or dislike anything here, drop me a line and tell me about it! The ones in bold are the ones I like the most.

[May '04] Here's a home video recording of me jamming with Ali Azmat last summer. This was totally spontaneous and unrehearsed, and it went off quite well.

[Dec '03] The South Asian cultural organization at CMU (Mayur) had a show in which Anisha A, Latika K, Amar B, Bharat P, Dave B, and I played at. Some of the mp3's from the show are really really good! :) The songlist was: Heer, Mere Khwaabon Mein, Maaeri, Tu Hi Re, Ati Kya Khandala, Mein Ne Kabhi, Kannodu/Kehta Hai Mera Dil, and (my fave!) Ghazab Ka Hai Din.

[Dec '03] My a capella band, the Soundbytes, performed in Dec 2003 at CMU. Here's me singing Interstate Love Song.

[Dec '02] The Chad Kroeger song Hero from the Spiderman soundtrack. Everything you hear in this mp3 is done by me -- the drums, the bass, the acoustic guitar, electric guitars, main vocals, backing vocals, the sound engineering -- it's all me! I'm quite proud of this one... it took 2.5 days to get it done from start to finish, which is probably long enough to be able to do a decent job on one song but short enough to not get bored of it.

[Dec '02] One of my all-time favorite songs from the Lagaan (Indian film) soundtrack, O Re Chhori. This time, I had some help from a friend, Zahra Haider Khan (who for those who don't know, is Adnan Sami Khan's first cousin!), who really has a most amazing voice. This recording is still not what we wanted as the final version, but it's good enough for me to put it up here :)

[Feb '02] By far the best-sounding recording I've ever had the honor of being a part of, this is Zahra's rendition of Adnan Sami's Kabhi Toh Nazar Milao. Farhad Nadeem's playing bass, I'm playing the rhythm, and Zahra's sounding amazing!

[2001] A short Head and Shoulders ad clip that I arranged, sequenced and recorded for a friend's MBA advertisement competition (which he subsequently won, and even got offers from P&G!). The weird noise in the beginning was the friend's impersonation of Yoda which the mic didn't completely catch (it was was muted for the ad, but I've kept it in the mp3).

[Feb '02] Maaeri is a really good song, and Euphoria did it really amazingly. I had a bass guitar, an acoustic, and a mic handy for a little while, so I tried doing whatever I could with them. Vocals still need a lot of work though...

[Jul '02] Estranged by GnR has some really good leads in it, and these are my attempts at getting as close to them as possible. I tried both the first one, as well as the one where Slash plays while coming out of the water.

[Jul '02] There was this movie shown at the South Asian film festival this year which had a haunting sort of a score to it, done by Aamir Zaki... the tune stuck, and here it is in a really short recording.