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Apple Macintosh Links - useful items (some discussed in our very old SCS Apple User Group). --> This is mostly out of date now. :)

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  • Commonly used UNIX commands - UNIX (commands, general info)
  • vi Editor Commands - Yes, Emacs users, I'm a Vi person
  • Emacs Command Summary - but in case you prefer Emacs...
  • Country Calling Codes - page for getting calling codes for any country you may need to call.
  • Currency Conversion - fairly self-explanitory. Allows for currency conversions on a given day (great for those foreign trips you need to do reimbursements for).
  • LaTeX - A nice page at Brown Univ. for those of use who don't use this frequently.
  • TechFileFormat - File Extension listing, great for when you need to do something cross platform or need to append an extension to an older file to read in newer software.

Carnegie Mellon Specific: