• Write-Behind Logging
    HPTS, Oct 2017
    SAP Walldorf, Sep 2017
    VLDB, Aug 2017
    Stanford InfoLab, Sep 2016
    VMware Labs, Sep 2016
    Intel ISTC Big Data Retreat, Aug 2016

  • How to Build a Non-Volatile Memory Database Management System
    SIGMOD, May 2017

  • An NVM-Aware Latch-Free B+Tree
    Microsoft Research, Dec 2016

  • Bridging the Archipelago between Row-Stores and Column-Stores for Hybrid Workloads
    SIGMOD, Jun 2016
    Oracle Labs, Apr 2016
    Huawei, Apr 2016
    PDL Retreat, Oct 2015

  • So You Want to Fork PostgreSQL
    HPTS, Sep 2015
    [slides] [code] [pgsql-hackers]

  • Let’s Talk About Storage & Recovery Methods for Non-Volatile Memory Database Systems
    Samsung Research, Mar 2016
    IBM Research, Sep 2015
    SIGMOD, Jun 2015
    PDL Retreat, Oct 2014
    MIT Database Group, Sep 2014
    Brown Data Management Research Group, Sep 2014
    EMC Flash Forum, Sep 2014

  • Leveraging the Short-Term Memory of Hardware to Diagnose Production-Run Software Failures
    ASPLOS, Mar 2014

  • OLTP Database Systems for Next Generation Non-Volatile Memory
    PDL Retreat, Oct 2013

  • Production-Run Software Failure Diagnosis via Hardware Performance Counters
    ASPLOS, Mar 2013