1996 Election Info

Election `96

  • Check out my Interactive Electoral Map, a Java applet installed at U.S.News & World Report Online
  • Re-elect Clinton/Gore!
    Text of the 1996 State of the Union
    Clinton's accomplishments of the first two years
    boo,15% "The Corporate Dole" -- Time Magazine shows how Clinton and Dole, but especially Dole, are tools of corporate special interests.
  • The liberal alternative: Nader for President `96 (read Nader's acceptance speech)
  • Why Liberals Should Work to Re-Elect Clinton, by Jesse Jackson
  • Around the Web: NetVote, PoliticsUSA, ElectionLine, AllPolitics, Yahoo (Xtra), CBS, USNews, RollCall, Doonesbury
  • PENNSYLVANIA VOTER REGISTRATION FORM -- deadline October 5, 1996
  • Request an absentee ballot
  • September 1996 -- Remarks of the president upon establishing Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument

    Bulletin, October 1995 -- Check out this list of anti-environmental riders that the GOP is tacking onto appropriations bills. Unbelievable.