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Fedora Linux support

We support the following versions of Fedora Linux on PC hardware:
  • Fedora 14 (AFS systypes i386_f14 and amd64_f14)
Support for the following versions of RedHat/Fedora has ended or is currently being phased out:
  • Phasing out:
    • Fedore 14 (AFS systypes i386_f14 and amd64_f14
  • Ended:
    • Fedora 10 (AFS systypes i386_f10 and amd64_f10)
    • Fedora 7 (AFS systypes i386_f7 and amd64_f7)
    • Fedora Core 5 (AFS systype i386_fc5 and amd64_fc5)
    • Fedora Core 3 (AFS systype i386_fc3 and amd64_fc3)
Please see our Linux upgrade guidelines before requesting an upgrade to a more recent version of Fedora.

Hardware support

Some types of PC hardware do not work well under Facilitized Linux. If you wish to purchase a new PC, please see our recommended PC page for a list of supported PC configurations. If you do not see configuration there that meets your needs, please consult with us before purchasing a Linux PC that you intend to have Facilities support.

Contact us if you have any hardware problems on a Facilities-supported host.

Software environment

Supported Fedora hosts run the Facilities software environment. Most SCS-specific and user-contributed software is in /usr/local. The following resources describe some features of this environment:
Unix/Linux quick reference
Gives a brief overview of some common questions when using Facilitized hosts
Unix/Linux local system administration guide
Detailed information about some of the special procedures that one should follow in order to perform various system administration tasks on Facilitized hosts.
Managing local software with Depot
How to use Depot to manage the software in /usr/local.

Troubleshooting and FAQs

If you have a software or hardware problem with a supported host, you should contact SCS Facilities for assistance. The local Linux FAQ has answers to some common Linux-specific questions.

Additional information

The following off-site links will open in a new browser window:
Frequently Zephyred questions
Answers to many common questions about using and troubleshooting Unix/Linux at SCS.
A good source of general information about Linux, with pointers to other resources.
Linux Documentation Project
An archive of FAQ's and HOWTO's.
An index of linux applications and code. Freshmeat is searchable, and gives links to homepages, package download sites, and mirrors, as well as having a comment section for each item.
Redhat hardware compatibility lists
Hardware compatibility lists for earlier and current versions of Redhat Linux
Linux Weekly News
A news page that compiles some of the important news pertaining to the linux community. The Distributions section has a list of most of the many different linux distributions.
Linux on Laptops
A very comprehensive list of web pages containing information on installing linux on a particular brand of laptop. Also has many good links for any laptop owner who runs linux.
Keep up to date with the latest security issues.
The GNU Project
Homepage for "GNU/Linux"; also has links/info for the Free Software Foundation.
GNU Manuals
Online manuals to some of the common GNU utilities.
Useful tool for adding a linux boot option to NT's bootloader. This utility has ceased to be needed, as LILO can now be used to boot NT.
Western Pennsylvania Linux Users Group
Often meets on the CMU campus.