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Support Lifecycle

SCS Computing publishes this guide defining the lifecycle of our support for different operating systems. This guide is intended to help explain the support timeframe for an OS from Testing status through to End-of-Life (EOL). The guide also will incorporate new operating system versions as they are announced by the vendors.

Download the Support Lifecycle PDF.

SCS OS Support Statuses

TestingThis platform is not yet supported by SCS Computing.
Active (Default)This platform is supported by SCS Computing and new machines will be built with this platform unless otherwise requested.
ActiveThis platform is supported by SCS Computing and will be installed on request.
ContainmentThis platform is currently supported by SCS Computing but no new machines will be built with this platform. Platforms in containment will receive security updates and patches for the SCS supported software components. SCS Computing Facilities will not provide new software or major revisions to existing software for these platforms.
Phasing OutSCS Computing is actively working to migrate assets away from this platform. Platforms go in to this status automatically 6 months before the SCS End of Support Date. Platforms may be placed in this status before that time.
EOLThis platform is no longer supported by SCS Computing. Software support will be dropped from any asset running this platform. Other levels of support may be dropped as circumstances warrant. A valid reason is required to maintain an asset running this platform past the End of SCS Support date. All exceptions must be logged and periodically reviewed.

Support Lifecycle Guide

As of: 24 Apr 2018

Operating SystemLatest Update or Service PackSCS Support StatusVendor Release DateStart of SCS SupportEnd of SCS SupportLatest Vendor EOL Date

Windows Desktop

Windows 10N/AActive (Default)29 Jul 201515 Jun 201614 Oct 202514 Oct 2025
Windows 88.1Phasing Out26 Oct 20121 Jan 201614 Jun 201610 Jan 2023
Windows 7SP1Containment22 Oct 20091 Aug 201014 Jan 202014 Jan 2020
Windows VistaSP2Phasing Out30 Jan 2007Feb 200711 Apr 201711 Apr 2017
Windows XPSP3EOL25 Oct 20011 Aug 20028 Apr 20148 Apr 2014

Windows Server

Windows Server 2012R2Active (Default)4 Sep 2012Oct 201210 Jan 202310 Jan 2023
Windows Server 2008R2Containment27 Feb 20081 Mar 200814 Jan 202014 Jan 2020
Windows Server 2003R2EOL24 Apr 20031 May 200314 Jul 201514 Jul 2015

OS X / macOS

macOS High Sierra upgrade note10.13Active (Default)25 Sep 20175 Mar 2018TBD~2020
see note
macOS Sierra10.12Active20 Sep 20161 Jan 2017TBD~2019
see note
OS X El Capitan10.11Containment30 Sep 2015June 2016TBD~2018
see note
OS X Yosemite10.10Phasing Out16 Oct 20148 Jan 201525 Sep 2017~2017
see note
OS X Mavericks10.9.5Phasing Out22 Oct 201310 Mar 201420 Sep 2016~2016
see note
OS X Mountain Lion10.8.5EOL25 Jul 201228 Nov 20121 Jun 2016~2015
see note

Ubuntu Linux

Ubuntu 16.04 LTS
"Xenial Xerus"
16.04Active (Default)21 Apr 20161 Feb 2017Apr 2021Apr 2021
Ubuntu 14.04 LTS
"Trusty Tahr"
14.04Containment17 Apr 201423 Sep 2014Apr 2019Apr 2019
Ubuntu 12.04 LTS
"Precise Pangolin"
12.04EOL23 Apr 20126 Sep 2012Apr 2017Apr 2017

Fedora Linux

Fedora 14
14Phasing Out2 Nov 2010Oct 201112 Sep 2018Dec 2011
Fedora 1010EOL25 Nov 2008Jul 2009Sep 2016Dec 2009


Solaris 1010Containment31 Jan 20051 Sep 2008Jan 2021Jan 2021


Rocks Cluster Distribution (6.x)6.1.1Active (Default)1 Mar 2012Apr 201230 Nov 202030 Nov 2020
Rocks Cluster Distribution (5.x)5.4.3Phasing Out1 Mar 20081 Nov 200831 Mar 201731 Mar 2017

Note: Apple does not publish official EOL dates, but typically provides security updates for the current release of macOS, as well as the previous two releases.