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SCS Computing Facilities Support-service Charges

SCS Computing Facilities charges a monthly fee for certain services requested by the user/owner of an individual machine.

Machine-based services

Services available for supported computers include:
  • Networking
  • Machine support
    • Hardware support and repair
    • Software licensing and support
  • Archive Backup Service (TiBS)
  • Data Protection Service (Druva)
  • Machine room support
Rates for machine charges (CMU or SCS login required) cover the services listed above.

Virtual machine-based services

SCS Computing Facilities offers installation and maintenance of virtual machines on supported base hosts.

Rate schedule for Virtual Machines.

Compute Cluster-based services

SCS Computing Facilities offers hosting of High Performance Compute Clusters (HPCCs, HPCs, or simply Compute Clusters) for the SCS user community. The Compute Clusters are located in the SCS machine room on the third floor of Wean Hall.

Rate schedule for Compute Clusters.

Computer-support charge policy

See the SCS Computing Facilities support-services policy for information on adjustments, transfers, and refunds.

Costing-notice email

In certain situations, SCS Facilities staff will send costing notices   regarding user accounts/machine support charges. These notifications include:
  • Service-charge changes
  • Oracle string expiration
  • Oracle string delinquency

How to

  • Add or remove support charges  (retire machines, remove users from support, and make other adjustments -- (CMU or SCS login required)
  • View your support charges:
    • SCS web reports. Use your Andrew ID and password to view these reports (offsite link, will open in a new browser window)

Related documentation

Apply for an SCS user account if you are a new student,faculty or staff member
Register your computer, printer, network device, or other computing equipment.
Request a facilitized operating-system installation (or re-installation) for a host by using our Software/host installation form for [PC] [Macintosh]

Please send any questions you may have about our support charges to <>.