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Compute Cluster General Information

A typical compute cluster is comprised of one or more 19 inch racks, head nodes, compute nodes, storage arrays and a private interconnect (Ethernet, Infiniband, etc).

Cluster Rack charges are for machine room support of each 19 inch rack, in lieu of a per-system machine room support charge.

Cluster Node charge is a reduced rate for limited hardware and software support on each compute node.

Cluster Head Nodes charge is a rate charged for the planning, configuration, and ongoing management of clusters. In addition, the head node will be charged for both a hardware and software charge.

Cluster Devices are specialized devices that may be charged standard hardware and software support charges.

Cluster Compute Nodes are specialized nodes within a compute cluster such as nodes that are part of an HDFS (Hadoop) file system.

There are two cluster account types, Cluster User and HPC Collaborator. The account application for both cluster account types is available here.

Compute Cluster Support

Hardware Type & Service IdentifierDescriptionTypical Monthly Service Charges
Cluster Head (CH)
  • Response time is urgent
  • Full Support for the Server
  • Data persistence is addressed via specific strategies
  • Cluster Head (CH) $17.50
  • Hardware (H) $25.00
  • Software (S) $35.00
  • Network (N) No Cost
  • Backups-Optional (B) $26.00
Cluster Node (CN)
  • Also known as Cluster Slave (CS)
  • Response time is not urgent
  • The Operating System is pushed to the node
  • Software is wipe and re-install
  • There is no persistent data on the node i.e. back up services is not available
  • Repairs are done via warranty or used parts
Cluster Node (CN) $10.00
Cluster Device (CD)
  • Response time is urgent
  • Data persistence is addressed via specific strategies
  • No machine room charges
  • Examples include SAN, NAS, Web Servers
  • Hardware (H) $25.00
  • Software (S) $35.00
Cluster Rack (CR)
  • 19 inch rack
  • In lieu of per system machine room charges
Cluster Rack (CR) $200.00
Cluster Compute Node (CC)
  • Typically used for Hadoop (HDFS) data nodes
  • Response time is expedited but not urgent
  • The Operating System is pushed to the node
  • Software is wipe and re-install
  • There is persistent data which is replicated elsewhere
  • No backup service available
  • Repairs are done via warranty or used parts
Cluster Compute Node (CC) $20.00

Compute Cluster Specifics

  • The cluster(s) must be located in the SCS machine room and will be housed in one or more 19" racks.
    • Only rack mountable components that are integral parts of the compute cluster will be installed in the Cluster Racks.
  • All of the compute cluster hardware is purchased by the owner. This includes the following:
    • Racks
    • Nodes
    • Storage devices
    • Private network switches
    • PDU's (Power Distribution Unit)
    • UPS's (Uninterruptable Power Supply)
  • The cluster must run job queuing software such as Condor or PBS.
  • Compute Nodes
    • These nodes are not connected to the public network; instead, they are on a private switch within the compute cluster
    • Hardware repair on a compute node is limited to the manufacturer's warranty
  • Hadoop and HDFS are supported but are charged at a higher (CC) rate
    • HDFS must have a minimum of three replicants
    • The Name Node is treated as a Cluster device (CD) and charged Hardware and Software support
  • Head or system hardware that provide a specialized function such as a NAS or SAN or any node that is part of a specialized dedicated filesystem such as Lustre distinct from a Compute Node may be charged full Hardware and/or Software support
  • Backups can be provided for the head node and other devices with hardware and software support that are connected to the public network. There is a 5TB backup limit for each device.