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MathWorks Licensed Software

The MathWorks: Matlab, Simulink, and Toolboxes

The School of Computer Science maintains the Matlab Research License — a concurrent-use agreement covering Matlab and several toolboxes — for research use by SCS faculty, Staff, PHD and Masters students. These licenses must be used on machines connected directly to the SCS network.

  • License holder: School of Computer Science
  • Quantity licensed: Site license
  • Available for: Linux, Mac OS X, Windows
  • Who can install it: Faculty, staff, SCS Masters and PhD students
  • Eligible equipment: Computers located in campus facilities and used for research by faculty and staff.
    Note: The machines must be connected to the SCS network and able to access the FlexLM license server, where SCS maintains the Matlab Research License
  • Type of license: Annual renewal
  • Cost to users: Subscription to monthly Facilities Software Support
  • Getting access to it: No special access required
  • How to get it: MacOS, Windows and Linux/Ubuntu users send email to <>. Please include SCS username and Computer name or asset number in the email. SCS Computers running Fedora that are receiving SCS Facilities software support will have Matlab delivered automatically by depot (no need to subscribe).
  • License code required: License code required: Users will be sent license information when they request it by sending email to <>
  • Getting help using it: This collection is volunteer-maintained. For installation questions, email <>.
  • Individual use rights available upon termination: None. All copies must be deleted upon termination of affiliation with the University.

SCS MathWorks toolbox suite as of September, 2011.

Information about Matlab and its associated products, including user-contributed routines and files, can be found at