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Creating and editing a multiple resource reservation

A booking where multiple resources are booked as part a single reservation is called a multiple resource reservation.

While each resource is part of the original reservation, each can be edited separately from the others or the reservation as a whole can be opened and changed at one time. The advantage to doing a multiple resource reservation is that if you cancel it, all bookings for all resources are deleted at once. If you booked it as separate reservations, you would have to cancel each one separately.

Creating a new multiple resource reservation

  1. On the Calendar, click on the date of your reservation.
  2. Click Pittsburgh to show all of the locations that are available within SCS. Click on the green arrow to the left of the building name to see the available room types.
  3. Click on the building and the then the room type for a grid of available rooms.
  4. The rooms for that building appear in the reservation grid along with any existing reservations.
  5. Click in the grid under the space you want to reserve.
  6. The reservation details screen will open.
  7. Enter the information pertaining to your reservation.
  8. In the Resources window, select any additional resources that you want to book.

    The reservation details form for that resource appears with reservation information you completed for the original resource already filled in. Notice that the both resource names appear in the tabs above the horizontal blue bar.

  9. Click Save and Close or Save and Invite to create your reservation.

Editing a multiple resource reservation

  1. On the reservation grid, click on one of the reservations in one of the resources you want to edit.

  2. On the reservation details form, click on tabs for each resource, to add items and enter other information as needed.

    To update the reservation, click either:

    • Copy Current Tab: Click this to copy all the reservation details of the current tab to all the other resources in this reservation.
    • Copy All Tabs: Click this to copy all the reservation detail tabs of the current resource to all other resources in this reservation.

  3. Click Save and Close.

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