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[Alert] Critical Symantec Endpoint vulnerabilities

June 30, 2016

Symantec recently announced critical vulnerabilities that affect all Symantec anti-virus products. Affected products include Symantec Endpoint Protection (SEP) on all platforms, along with Symantec's Norton anti-virus products.

Because of the way Symantec's anti-virus protection works, these vulnerabilities could allow an attacker to compromise your computer without any explicit action on your part.

What you must do to protect yourself

Mac OS

To patch, open the application and run LiveUpdate.


Because CMU is phasing out support for Symantec Endpoint Protection, we recommend uninstalling SEP and replacing it with the Microsoft anti-malware product available for your Windows operating system.

Instructions for replacing SEP on Windows 7 and 10 are at:

Please contact or call the SCS Help Desk (x8-4231) if you have questions, or problems removing SEP.