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SCS Cyrus Pre-Migration - Before you Begin

Create a folder called "migration" on your computer. As you follow these steps, you will export/save files to this folder.

Step 1: Prepare your Email

Large mailboxes can take longer to migrate. You can expedite this process by preparing your email for transition.

  • Empty your Trash/Deleted Items folder
  • Delete Spam
  • Save large attachments and remove them from the mail message
  • Delete unwanted messages

Step 2: Local Mail Folders

  • Email saved to local folders on your computer, this mail will not be migrated.
  • If you want the email in your local folders migrated, move them back on the server

Step 3: Email Client Rules

  • Rules you created in your email client will not work with new mailbox.
  • If using the same email client for new mailbox, manually edit rules to point at new mailbox.

Step 4: Spam Settings

  • Copy any custom spam filter settings you created into a text file.
  • If you have email addresses in your "Accept Mail" and "Filter Mail" lists, type these into text file.
  • Save the files to your migration folder.

Step 5: Signatures

  • Copy any email "signatures" you created into a text file.
  • Save the file to your migration folder.

Step 6: Export Contacts

  • Contacts will not be migrated.
  • Export contacts to your migration folder.

Step 7: Export Calendar

  • Calendars will not be migrated.
  • Export calendar to your migration folder.

If you have any questions regarding the steps below, please contact the SCS Help Desk at x8-4231 or send mail to