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Sending from your .CS.CMU.EDU Email Using Google

If you are using Google's G-Suite services for your CMU email, you can configure your outgoing mail to be sent from your SCS address instead of your normal campus address. (For example, you can send as instead of

To do this, first sign on to the Gmail web interface using your email. This will redirect you through the CMU authentication page before bringing you to the Gmail interface.

In the upper right corner of the Gmail interface, click on the gear icon, and choose the Settings option.Screenshot of Gmail settings button

On the Gmail settings page, select the section labeled Accounts and Import.Screenshot of Gmail settings screen, with Accounts and Import highlighted

The "Send mail as:" line on this screen will indicate the address(es) you can currently send as. Click the link below for Add another email address.Screenshot of Gmail settings Accounts and Import section, with Add another email address highlighted

This will open a new window. Fill in your name the way you want it to be displayed, as well as your address. We currently recommend leaving the "Treat as an alias" checkbox unchecked. (This will not affect your ability to send as your CS email, but checking the box may result in duplicate copies of sent messages in rare cases.)Screenshot of filling out the CS email, and the treat as alias checkbox

Click the Next Steps >> button.

You should now be able to send messages as your address from within your Andrew mail using G-Suite. The newly-added address will also show up in the list on the Accounts and Import settings screen, where you can choose to set it as the default sending address, if desired.

Please feel free to contact the Help Desk if you encounter difficulty in changing these settings.